Applied science reshapes your energy curve

VIV collects data on the most important drivers of wellness: food, exercise and sleep. It measures over 30 key indicators in real time, and builds a metabolic model, customized to you, and uses the model to steer you towards your body goals.

Data-driven dieting.
No more guesswork.

One-size-fits-all generalizations work for some, but not for most. VIV uses a uniquely comprehensive set of biodata, much of it in real time, to learn about your specific body and then create a totally personalized weight loss protocol that is tailored to your specific needs.

VIV understands that each person is unique

The same food at the same time will have a different impact on each different person – and even on the same person, across different days. With VIV’s new biology of energy mechanics, it can reshape the curve into the optimal pattern.

Applied science, made simple

Life is busy and complicated, and too many fitness apps have been overly complex and difficult for everyday users. VIV is very simple. Our algorithms work in the background, while you simply stay in the “VIV Zone”.