The first fully-personal weight loss program

Weight loss has always been opaque and confusing. VIV makes it clear, by showing you exactly what is happening in your body’s key systems, in real time. More importantly, it tells you what to do about it — specific steps to lose weight and gain energy.

Diet, sleep and exercise are connected, and VIV sees the whole picture

Health and fitness apps until now have only seen one or two pieces of the puzzle. VIV uses multiple wearables to get the full picture on your food, sleep and exercise, and prescribe the optimal combination specifically for you.

VIV includes smart wearables to track your bio-data — you just plug-and-play

When you start with VIV, we'll send you a set of wearables that streams your bio-data to the VIV platform. This makes possible a unified, holistic picture of your fitness, and hyper-personal recommendations on what to do next.

Simple, actionable advice, that takes the guesswork out of weight loss

Data alone, with pretty charts is not enough. VIV uses this holistic data set to create personalized recommendations — what and when to eat, when to train, how much to sleep — then delivers them direct to your phone, in the VIV app.

We handle the complexity –
you stay in the “VIV Zone”

Everything about the platform is designed for users who want to understand their bodies — but without needing a PhD in biology. The interface is simple, clear and prescriptive: follow these specific steps, and you will reach your goal.