The world's first individually-optimized weight-loss system

VIV introduces a revolutionary new way to lose weight and gain energy. It's a uniquely comprehensive system that provides hyper-personalized coaching based on each person's unique biology and progress.

A new level of individual understanding

VIV utilizes a new generation of wearable tech to record a massive range of bio-data for each user, day and night. This holistic, full-spectrum understanding lets VIV provide real-time guidance that really works for each person like nothing else can.

Clear, actionable insights

VIV brings your bio-data data together in a clear, always-accessible, unified view in the VIV app, with helpful explanations and timely, actionable coaching – all optimized for your personal biology and continuously evolving based on your progress. VIV takes the guesswork out of "What should I do now?"

How VIV works
HOW VIV works

Comprehensive, 100% personalized weight-loss coaching

VIV brings together a unified view of your specific biodata – including heart rate, sleep habits, activity and blood glucose levels – to provide you with real-time feedback that optimizes your personal body transformation in the most effective way for your personal physiology.

VIV Watch

Measures heart rate & more

The VIV sensor

Measures blood glucose

Body-specific science, not just general theories

Instead of one-size-fits-all theories of weight loss, VIV brings 30 years of proprietary scientific research into how individuals' bio-data factors — including blood-glucose and heart rate — drive individual weight loss. This makes possible the first weight-loss system truly tailored to you, every step of the way.

Understand the science
Understand the science

A hyper-personal approach for health transformation at scale

Diabetes and heart disease rates keep climbing – for much of the world, abundance has become a bigger health threat than scarcity. VIV unites pioneering science, technology and design to help people everywhere optimize their diet, fitness and sleep for the healthy body they want to have and keep for life.

Read the VIV blog
Read the VIV blog