Finance and Accounting

VivSource is VivCorp’s global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider. VivSource enables corporations and entities around the world the ability to lower overhead costs by streamlining back office and front office processes. Head-quartered in Los Angeles, California, VivSource utilizes its of offices and partnerships in Sri Lanka and the Philippines to provide clients a competitive edge by giving them access to top quality accountants, sales agents, financial analysts, and other specialists. VivSource’s ability to integrate into any platform provides the flexibility enterprises need for outsourcing any business function.

VivSource utilizes cloud platforms and modern best practices to simplify processes for clients. VivSource’s transparent project management system enables clients to clearly see progress in order for better business and strategic planning. The company’s investments into data security and layers of quality check and assurance provide peace of mind for corporations and entities of any size.