About VivCorp

Vivacious Corporation, also known as VivCorp, is a multinational group of companies headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Started in 2012 as a consulting company, the group has restructured and expanded into different sectors under different brands in 2015. The restructure of the group enabled divisions to focus on their specialities to bring best market concepts to clients independently and interdependently.

One of the core pillars during VivCorp’s inception was uncovering a way to assist small and medium enterprises in western and developing economies. This market segment is often neglected as the struggles to develop the company to the next level are hindered due to access to various resources. However, this market is vital to VivCorp Group as these businesses have the ability to sustain and push an economy forward. VivCorp Group’s strength in bridging local and global resources to help execute projects has continued to help this segment directly and indirectly.


  1. Mission

    We build bridges for our clients to focus on their core business.
    We align with partners to open new doors.
    We invest in our people to propel their growth.
    We recolor our planet through sustainable initiatives.

  2. Vision

    Become the leading success partner for every growing enterprise.

  3. Values

    The 5 P’s we live by.

    • Passion: A key ingredient to amplify our teams and clients to reach their highest potential.
    • Partnership: We build an ecosystem using the best in the trade.
    • Process: We invest heavily into how we deliver. We build everything centered around each client’s needs.
    • Personal Growth: Learning, feedback, coaching and mentoring to ensure our team continually develops and grows.
    • Planet: We are a green company with green products, services and practices. Not only do we reduce the impacts, we help rebuilt it.