Asia Telecom & VivCorp Enter Partnership

Hong Kong, Hong Kong – September 27, 2016 – Asia Telecom Holdings Limited and VivCorp have finalized the first phase of its partnership as VivCorp’s subsidiary VivSource will be extending its finance and accounting work force to add onto Asia Telecom’s current list of services while Asia Telecom’s team will offer sales & customer service outsourcing solutions to clients of VivSource .
“There’s a lot of areas which we [Asia Telecom and VivCorp] balance and enhance each other,” states Kristi Huynh, Group Director. “We both have the same vision and the strength of our partnership now will expedite some things which our individual companies were planning for later on to be actionable now.”
“We are happy to enter into a two way alliance with Vivcorp. Both the companies are ideally positioned to leverage each others strength not just in product portfolio but also on a Geographic reach’ added Shafi Aboobaker, Managing Director of Asia Telecom Holdings Limited
The next phase of the partnership is now in discussions as the two companies strengthen each other’s strengths and services, enabling a mutual and beneficial long term growth for the two companies.
“The main purpose for this partnership was not so that VivCorp and Asia Telecom to just grow immediately, but to structure a strategic future plan where we can both work together to build each other’s companies to provide the best service to the end customer overall,” states Kristi.

Asia Telecom’s dominance in Asia Pacific and VivCorp’s presence in the west bring a harmonious union to the partnership as the two companies distribute their market presence and resources to enhance the other. As the two companies


Company/Organization Info:

Asia Telecom is a Telecommunications company incorporated in Hong Kong in 1997 with subsidiaries in Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, Philippines and Indonesia. Asia Telecom is a licensed telecom services provider with the PSTN Interconnect Code 1611 in Hong Kong. We provide telecom products and value added services designed to meet the needs of consumers and corporations at affordable prices, backed by efficient customer support services in nine regional languages, and cutting-edge technology.

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