VivCorp Receives Green Business Certification From the Green Business Bureau

Los Angeles, California – February 16, 2016 – A corporation’s footprint in today’s world not only affects its immediate community, however leaves an impact on the global community as well. With issues such as global warming becoming a growing concern, it’s become imperative for corporations to adjust their impact on the environment to ensure the longevity of local and global communities.

“Part of my background is in agriculture so I’ve experienced the impact of globally warming and how that affects all areas of business and a community over time,” states Kristi Huynh, Group Director. “VivCorp started intentionally as a green company from day one, hence our company color being green and our logo consisting of a leaf.”

VivCorp’s business plan in automating business processes in America is done with the intention of reducing each company’s carbon and overall corporate footprint.

“When you look at an employee’s time spent traveling to work or the amount of paper that gets thrown away because the necessary resources to digitalize a company is not there results in huge environmental impacts overtime. VivCorp’s aim is to show and provide these resources to small and medium enterprises so that they can begin the process in becoming more green,” says Ms. Huynh.

Implementing green practices not only enable a company to become more socially responsible to their communities, it also provides a long term solution of lowering overhead expenses.

“When we analyze a business, we look at areas that can make it more efficient. For instance, moving hardcopies of documents to a cloud base system that employees can access anywhere,” states Ms. Huynh. “This saves time and resource cost for companies in the long term, allowing them to use the freed up cashflow to reinvest into their business.”

Company/Organization Info:

The mission of the Green Business Bureau is to foster environmental awareness among businesses and promote business practices that are both environmentally responsible and commercially beneficial. GBB serves as a national third-party program that provides certification for businesses that follow environmentally responsible practices.

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