Statement issued by VivCorp founder, “When we were looking at partnerships to service the US, UK, and Australian markets, we carefully studied multiple companies who could meet all the different compliances, standards, and most importantly, were able to scale to service different clients and projects. After going through a rigorous vendor evaluation and procurement process, Hirdaramani was the only privately owned company who could meet all of our needs, especially when it came to the US market. Sri Lanka specializes in servicing the financial standards of the UK and Australian markets, however, with all of America’s regulations, compliances, and drastic difference in financial reporting, very few companies in Sri Lanka are able to service this market. Hirdaramani has put forth initiatives to certify their employees and have the experience that VivCorp needed to ensure that we could service the US market, especially when it comes to enterprise resource planning with Microsoft Dynamics.

Hirdaramani’s expertise in a wide array of sectors actually brings incredible value to our clients as they have tried, tested, and succeeded in being one of the strongest multinational corporations from Sri Lanka. Hirdaramani’s experience and knowledge is something that provides our clients different business perspectives to help them develop and grow to the next level. This recognition isn’t known internationally and as one of our aims is to brand and promote Sri Lanka as a key knowledge processing hub, it was vital that we only partnered with the best companies to do this with. “

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